Friday, January 30, 2015

Best Posts In January!

Here are some of our most read posts in January:

Like the idea of plantation shutters to let light through

Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Help choosing and finding mini pendant lights (and kitchen eye candy!)

So, we've recently had some demo work done in our house (pics coming soon!).  And as exciting as it is, picking things out for the revamped space is a bit daunting.  We are starting with looking for 3 mini pendant lights to go over our new breakfast bar, which is small at just 6' x 18."  The issue is that we would ideally like to spend no more than $70 per fixture, and hubby and I don't really agree on what style we like.

I want something transitional - I really had my heart set on clear glass, and he was frosted or art glass, which I just don't want.  We will ultimately have to choose a chandelier to go over the dining table, which is about 6' from the breakfast bar.  I don't want anything to be from a matching set, but I also want the chandelier and pendants to work together.

Here are some options I like:
Love these, but hubby thinks if we get these we might as well just have exposed naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I also like these because I feel like regardless of the chandelier we go with they will work together.

via Decoist

 These could potentially work, but I wouldn't know what finish to go with.
via Decoist

I like this style, but I can't find any in our price range.

Maybe these?

Traditional Kitchen by Narberth Architects & Building Designers Philip Ivory Architects

These are basic enough to work as well.

I like these vintage railroad pole pendants from Etsy.  They could be sophisticated in the right setting and have a story behind them.

Liking these globes too but I would want them a lot smaller and I doubt they exist in my price range...
via Pinterest via BHG

Any ideas for us or places for us to look?!?!?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fabrics I am Loving!

Since I've been working on my office update, I thought I'd share some fabrics that I am eyeing to help me out with the change:

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

online fabric, lewis and sheron, lsfabrics

What do you think?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Penny Tile Inspiration

Penny tile was a major thing in the 20th century and although you don't find it in many homes now, it isn't as retro as most people make it out to be. Used correctly, I think it can be very modern!

Young House Love Blog-blacksplash with pennies
via hgtv

Would you use penny tile in your home?

Friday, January 23, 2015

How do you stay organized?

With all the big changes in our home there is a lot going on! Sometimes staying on top of it all can get a little overwhelming, so I thought I'd ask my readers what they do to stay organized!

Organize your time!
via bhg

Are you the kind of person that has to write everything down in one specific place like a calendar or a journal?

Do you find yourself using sticky notes more than anything?

Would you not function without Google Docs and spreadsheets?

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk
via iheartorganizing

I'm curious! Whats your system and is it working?


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